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 Soul Portrait Experience

A Soul Painting is a unique way to connect with our life purpose and eternity

Born clairvoyant with healing abilities Fabienne Marneau, CH opens her heart to connect with the Infinite Spirit of Love and Compassion for healing, empowering and creative purposes. When conducting a healing/hypnotherapy session, Fabienne's clairvoyance is activated and translated in her visualization of a Soul Portrait for that client's unique soul essence. In each unique piece, the soul essence is interpreted in a vibrant composition that is meaningful, healing and inspirational. Each Soul Painting inspired to Fabienne carries a unique vibration of faith, joy and harmony.

Soul Paintings are reminder of who we truly are on a Soul level: Eternal & Divine. We all can benefit from the high caliber energy of these paintings, as they are symbols of the Divine Presence. Each time we look at them, there is an invitation to raise faith, experience unconditional Love, and receives guidance and peace from Infinite Spirit.


   Fabienne also shares her creative gifts through singing productions and Soul Paintings Therapy. Please enjoy the journey through the rainbow of light and colors by visiting our ArtGallery...

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