Fabienne Soul Paintings  


* How does a Soul Painting copy can benefit compare to an original done just for me?  

From a point of view more detached from the ego, that we may call wisdom or detachment from the self, we can benefit from the symbol, archetype of any Soul Painting. If you look at the "Temple of Light " for example, you may feel harmony and kindness. The painting represents courage and complete harmony in success of both family and business accomplishment. It feels good for us to see this painting so we can welcome greatness, strength and yet elegance and kindness. Some day we will understand that beyond the appearance of difference, we really are one; only one Spirit, one heart in the holy consciousness of Infinite Love. 

* Why some people see Angels as human form and you see them as light?  

Each Archangel represents a quality that we associate with the gifts of the Mighty: clear communication with Gabriel, Physical Healing with Raphael, etc. Of course these are still symbols that our limited mind can understand. As we grow the symbols changes and get more refine. I do not see Angels as people because the awareness that I have regarding Angels is at the level of the light symbol not of the human form. Angels communicates with us according to what is most comfortable and logical to accept. There is no right or wrong, only variety of perception. What really matter is their ability to communicate with us. They are the messengers...