Fabienne Soul Paintings  


Meet Fabienne


Born Clairvoyant with Healing abilities Fabienne Marneau, CH opens her heart to connect with the Infinite Spirit of Love and Compassion for healing, empowering and creative purposes.

Each Painting inspired to Fabienne carry a unique vibration of faith, joy and harmony.

"I started painting very young under the direction of my older sister who was very creative and talented. Than when I was 12 years old I belonged to an "attelier" in France and learned Oil Painting techniques. I did my first exhibit in south of France at my parents house when I was only 17 years old. It is at age 44 that my Friend Joyce Poisson a great Painter introduced me to acrylic technique. I enjoy switching mediums as much as I mixed my healing tolls in my Hypnotherapy practice." Fabienne.

Fabienne also shares her creative gifts through singing productions and Soul Paintings Therapy.

Please enjoy the journey through the rainbow of light and colors.... by visiting our Art Gallery...