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Destination Harmony Lifestyle Series

Destination Harmony Self-Hypnosis program combine conscious breathing Relaxation with energizing Yoga/Chi-Kong stretching exercises and Self Hypnosis. A perfect way to integrate Body-Mind-Spirit is to breathe, relax and centered your mind. Experience being in the NOW! 

    With Fabienne Marneau, CH guided Meditation you will let go of burdens and recreate new experiences with positive choices. You will activate self-healing; overcome negative emotions or habits such as anger, low self-esteem, procrastination, guilt. When learning how to relax you will melt away your busy lifestyle of stress and anxiety. You will connect with your Higher-Self to get insights in regards to your important questions, than reprogram your "brain-computer" for healthy diet, behavior and new values or belief systems. Such reprogramming of your subconscious mind will create and attract positive new paradigm of self-esteem, health, success, peace and harmony . 

    Fabienne, who studied Yoga and Chi-Kong at a young, enjoys sharing her unique style of "Meditation in Action" to play with energy in a natural, informal and fun way.

    Our Destination Harmony Lifestyle series are customized to the participants needs and wishes. You are welcome to join any class according to your availability.

    Here are few of our classes topics:

    • Stay Young Forever: Discover Secrets to Anti-aging & Rejuvenation with DNA Reprogramming
    • Weight Control: Get to the Cause of the Weight Challenges 
    • Breath & Relax: Let go of Anxiety through Visualizations, Meditation & Drumming
    • Physical & Emotional Healing: Reprogram your Mind for Self-Healing
    • DNA reprogramming: Healing techniques and Rejuvenation with Self-hypnosis and/or Crystal Therapy.
    • Children Program.
    • Gratitude: Learn to cultivate your Gifts & sustain a New Lifestyle in Gratitude
    • Self-Hypnosis Classes: Learn how to go 'back to the cause' of negative habits or emotions and reprogram your mind with healthy new possibilities
    • Intuitive Insights: Connect with your Higher-Self for Creativity, Psychic Vision & Spiritual Wisdom
    • Samsara: Intent of Enlightenment, kundalini.
      Are you ready to experience inner peace and redesign a Happy, Prosperous & Harmonious Lifestyle?
      The Time is NOW, where love is the only intent!

      Location: Awakenings Bookstore, 25260 La Paz Road, #D. Laguna Hills, CA 92653

      When: Wednesday February 24th, 12 am to 1 pm

      Fees & Booking: $ at the door, prepaid online: $.

      Preparation for the workshop: Please wear comfortable clothes; bring a pillow, a blanket and a bottle of mineral water.

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      Contact: Fabienne by e-mail or by Phone 949-294-9893.